Why the 69th New York?

Admitably, there are many reenacting units out there. But the 69th New York is unique; their history begins hundreds of years before the war, in Ireland with the Irish people. And the history doesn't end in 1865, rather, the Fighting 69th is still an active New York State National Guard unit, still serving today in the U.S. Military after  more than 150 years of service. The history of the Irishmen who made up the unit is fascinating. They were discriminated against, hated and rejected, but they still fought and died for their new country, the United States. Their memory is worthy of honor.

The reenacting 69th New York, Company B,is well-known for its motivation, dedication, camaraderie, and strong unit spirit. The unit was founded in 1996, and has been growing since them. Today, it is a high quality organization, and we invite you to come and visit us at our next event!

The 69th New York Volunteer Infantry is looking for anyone interested in this crucial period in out Nation's history. Adults, teens, families and youngsters, we welcome them all!


Uniforms are expensive, therefore you are not expected to purchase your entire uniform right away. Our company has several complete loaner uniforms, including muskets, that we will outfit you with until you are able to purchase your own.

 Would you like some more information? Contact us! We would be happy to get get in touch with you and answer any questions you may have. We also have online a Frequantly Asked Questions section for new recruits to view at their leisure.



The American Civil War Association hosts an event about once a month from March through October.  These events are held at a new location throughout Northern California.  At these events, we have two battles a day.  

To be a soldier and carry a musket one must be at least 14 years of age.   If you are 12-13, you can be a fifer or drummer. There is a active cadet corp. for children too young to participate on the field. Our Sergeants will train you on how to march and drill, how to load and fire your weapon properly and safely, and how to be a soldier in the U.S. Army, circa 1862.

Why re-enact?  


Unlike reading about the Civil War in a dusty old textbook, reenacting allows you to eat, breathe, live and feel the Civil War. As a reenactor, you will feel the thrill of marching to the beat of the drum in a column of infantry, bayonets fixed on shining muskets. You will witness the awe inspiring power of an artillery barrage firing towards the enemy, or feel the fear as you march into the muzzles of an enemy cannon. You will feel the terror of combat as, over the crack of musketshots, the rebel yell rises to an erie pitch and your line breaks while soldiers on your right and left drop to the ground.  Yes, Civil War reenacting offers something that a book could never even begin to offer.


Another major reason reenactors do and love what they do is it gives them a unique chance to talk to the public about the Civil War.  Reenactors try and show them what it was like for the enlisted soldiers who actually fought the war, not for the generals who wrote it. It also gives reenactors, or "Living Historians", a unique opportunity to show honor and respect for the 650,000 American soldiers who fought and died in the bloodiest war in American History.

American Civil War reenacting is a fascinating and very rewarding hobby that has slowly become popular not only in the United States, but even across the oceans, in places such as Europe and Australia!  But what is it about reenacting? Why is it so popular?

Welcome....We invite you to come and turn back the clock with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth!

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